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New website features

I updated the website for actual content and some features.

You will find Information on my projects PEPr and Phatan now there. The language to display information in is hopefully determined automatically when you first visit it. The menu is now multi-langual, too.

Another new thing is the FAQ I opened. Currently you can only find answers to questions concerning PEPr and Phatan, but hopefully I have time around christmas to add some more content to it. The FAQ should on the one hand inform about my projects, but hopefully will on the other hand contain certain tipps around PHP and PEAR.

The FAQ script I took is pretty cool. It's called phpMyFAQ (seems, that programs named phpMy* are allways cool...). That thing has some nice features like user provided content, stats and stuff. I like it.

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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