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Filemanagers on Linux...

... think about someone who'd like to get an overview on linux available filemanagers (text and GUI based), what would he do? Right! Do a search on freshmeat. Said it, did it. Here are some of the cool results I got (most of the beyonde the first 20 resultes):

This file manager is one of my favorite ideas i found realized and IMO one the freshmeat users definitly like, too, because it was result no. 2. Brutal filemanager is a mixture between a 3D ego shooter game and a filemanager. You run through your entire harddisk and shoot your files with several different guns and weapons, which results in deleting them from your harddisk. But beware, some weapons spread! ;) Thank god, one can run this game in safe mode to aware seriouse data loss... if it works...

is a clone of the Windows Midnight Commander, which is a clone of the famouse Norton Commander. With a very sexy name.

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