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Linux Test Kernel Names...

What writes along the actual test version of the Linux Kernel 2.6:

"Beaver in detox" (Biber auf Entzug) nannte Linus Torvalds eine weitere Test-Release des neuen und lange erwarteten Linux-Kernels 2.6: Der Name "stoned beaver" (bekiffter Biber) für den Kernel sei wohl nicht überall auf Gegenliebe gestoßen, meinte Torvalds in einem Posting.


The original quote of Linus:

Ok, for everybody who thought "stoned beaver" wasn't an appropriate name for a kernel (yeah, I'm sure IBM really minds my naming scheme, and is deathly afraid it will scare away customers), I'm happy to tell you that the beaver just went into detox, and I'm taking the Thanksgiving weekend off.


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