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Proposals as wide as you can see...

After a pretty bunge of work last night (written RFCs, created surveys, fixed developement environment,...) this morning I posted an RFC and a proposol on pear-dev / pear-qa.

1. The RFC:

I did not even think about doing an RFC when I tried out the little solution about my PEAR CVS problems. But after this huge discussion on pear-dev I decided to create an RFC and now hope, that things will get better... ;)

You can find the original RFC here and the HTML version here. The rest of the discussion takes place mainly on pear-qa, which is IMHO not yet archived.

2. The survey idea

Because of those many discussions concerning QA on PEAR I thought about creating a little survey to ask PEAR users and developers for their opinion on different things. Maybe thats a good way to give actual PEAR QA efforts a more clear direction.

You can find the initial post here and test the survey here

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