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PHP Conference near the end

The International PHP Conference 2003 in Frankfurt is getting to it's end. Yesterday I opened a new section on the website called "Publications", which will contain all publications I hope to do in the next months and years. Because I had my talk about "PEAR im Einsatz" yesterday here, I uploaded the slides and examples I showed in a subsection of Publications, so that people can download and review it.

Stupidly I forgott to hand Lukas my camera to take some shots during my talk. Shit happens, hopefully it was not the last talk I gave. :)

I will update my photo collection of the conference right now, to give people an actual view, what we did yesterday. There are quite cool photos of the samba dancers. ;)

I hope to manage updating my website this evening at home to make publications section a bit nicer. On the weekend I will definitly start bugfixing on Image_Text and Image_Tools. I hope to make 2 new releases on sunday, maybe monday.

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