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Website goes online

So, the website is officially online. I changed all of my PEAR project websites to their opposites in my website. Some other new features are:

Introduced other packages in Version overview. On the main page there is an overview about the current versions of my PEAR packages. This now shows Image_Texts and Image_Tools' versions, too.

Guestbook. As I hate integrating other ones scripts into my webpage (too much regex, too slow), I decided to quick and dirty write my personal guestbook around the database of the old one. Using HTML_Template_IT, QuickForm and SlidingPager it costs me about 30 minutes to create that in a 1,5 screen pages long script. It supports form validation on the client side, sliding pagers throug the sites and browser & IP logging. That all without breaking XHTML 1.0 and my google friendablility using path info.

I hope you all like the new site and I beg you to leave your comments on it in the guestbook or the blog.

As I'm very excited about the conference next week I'd like to show you that:

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