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So, I called for votes on Net_SMS today. As I will open my new website to public in several minutes, is here the link to it's project website.

Here the other details:

Initial proposal Updated proposal Twice updated proposal Call for votes

You can simpely install Net_SMS by typing the following at your command prompt (be shure to have pear installed and running):

pear install /SMS/Net_SMS-0.1.tgz

I build that to implement updating of Weblogs (currently using MetaWeblog API, later on MT and Blogger API will follow) through SMS messages.

I test the API for that with Serendipity (S9Y) and while that I update the RPC interfaces of serendipity. Of course I will propose the class for PEAR as an example of XML_RPC packages which has still not a peace of documentation available.

If you liked this blog post or learned something, please consider using flattr to contribute back: .



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