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Over the years, I published articles in my blog, which are of durable relevance and not only of temporary. In this section, you find a collection of such articles, sorted by topic, and direct links to the depth of my blog. The articles linked here are in cronological order, from oldest to newest (mainly for the reason, that a blog is made up the other way around).


One of the most visited blog series on my blog is Comfortable PHP editing with VIM. Here I documented my findings on settings and functionality in the VIM editor that assist you with programming PHP.

Closely related to these are the articles about my VIM script PDV (phpDocumentor for VIM), which is nowadays included in VIP (Vim Integration for PHP).


Over the years I collected some articles on PHP application development, which are often linked and still of public interest. Find a list below:


Some popular articles are not directly related to PHP, but are valueable for programmers in any language.

Open Source

The following articles are not closely related to development, but to any position in open source projects and OSS in general.