This blog post has first been published in the Qafoo blog and is duplicated here since I wrote it or participated in writing it.
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Pragmatic REST & BDD at IPC

Pragmatic REST

Pragmatic RESTPragmatic REST

The web community has spoken, REST is the way to go for web service interfaces and that is a good thing. But behind the shiny theory of web services, there quite a bit of complexity hidden and some aspects of REST might not suite your specific use case best. In my talk I walked through creating a web service on basis of REST giving hints on the issues you might run into.

Behave! - Behavior Driven Development

Behave! - Behavior Driven DevelopmentBehave! - Behavior Driven Development

The aspects of Behavior Driven Development can fill some of the gaps that the established unit testing methodology leaves for teams. Making specification executable can safe you from outdated specs and feature descriptions and, in an optimal case, your team gets a very good communication tool from BDD. In my talk I introduced the basics behind this testing method and its application on basis of the Behat framework.