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Speaking at 2013 in Montreal

By the end of the month, Web Techno Conference will take place again in in Montreal Canada. Qafoo experts are part of this outstanding experience for several years and will be again from February 25th to March 1st 2013. This year, Kore and Toby will be on-site to share a bit of Qafoo experience with you on the following topics.

Continuous Performance Testing

Continuous Integration has become a standard technique for the constant monitoring and early alerting of quality concerns in web projects. But what about performance? Often, performance issues are only detected in production, if the users of a web application already suffer from the inconvenience of slow responses or even site outages. At worst, this can lead to serious revenue loss.

In this session, Kore will show you how you can model even complex user scenarios for load tests in jMeter, giving you a much more accurate insight into your applications performance than e.g. Apache Bench or Siege can do. Further more, you will see how it is possible to integrate such tests in your Continuous Integration setup, to detect performance regressions before they occur in production.

Building Testable PHP Applications

Various approaches for testing can help you raising your software quality: Be it the QA devision with manual tests, classical Unit Tests or Functional Tests. But which of these is the right tool for a given task? How can you make use of it? And which pre-conditions does your application need to fulfill?

Our session on Building Testable PHP Applications will give you a high level overview on state of the art testing in the PHP world, gaining you an insight on how to create testable PHP applications.

Understand and use software metrics

Software metrics, algorithmically calculated quality properties of your source code, can help you to gain an insight into unknown source code and to monitor the code quality of your project continuously. But how to work with these complex formulas and how to interprete the abstract numbers resulting from metric calculation tools?

Kore will give you an overview on the most common metrics in this session and teach you the essentials for using their power for your own projects.

Designing Beautiful APIs

No matter if you create a fancy new component for a library, design a new module for your application or just create a single class: In the end, you created an API, since someone else will sooner or later need to use your code. But what do you need to keep in mind for that? How to make your interface as easy to use, as flexible and as maintainable as possible? Join Toby in his session to learn more about this topic.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Don't hesitate to come around and chat with us.