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PEAR Powerworkshop - Part II

Today Lukas and me had our second power workshop on PEAR. Like in Amsterdam this year, we introced people into obraining, using and developing PEAR packages. Beside that we developed again an example application, which implemented an interface to Ebay using Services_Ebay. The following packages were also used and therefore presented:

Services_Ebay XML_Serializer Cache_Lite HTML_QuickForm MDB2 Auth Text_CAPTCHA LiveUser PEAR_Error PEAR_ErrorStack

The attending crowed was manageable, but not small and beside our presenations we had some interessting questions and discussion points. In this case the attending PEAR devs were extremly helpful and gave support for their packages. Some useful links for further reading resulted on thos discussion and "open parts":

PHP manual Exceptions manual PEAR info about exceptions Ebay developers program Join Ebay developers program

Some of them even blogged about the workshop before it was finished. See some opinions here:

Stephan Schmidt Aaron Wormus Klaus Guenther more from Aaron

(I will update this list if/when more opinions come.)

Special thanks to Stephan Schmidt, for providing us the needed access data to the Ebay sandbox and support during the development. I hope we managed to teach some useful stuff and created some new PEAR lovers out there. :)

The slides and the example application are as usual available for download and will be linked on the PEAR website soon.

All in all it's been a very good start into the International PHP Conference 2004 in Frankfurt. Meeting all those people (most of the again, some the first time) is a really cool opportunity and the spirit of this conference is as usually great. I'm pretty much looking forward to coming there again tomorrow evening and to spend the night with the community people available there. In this sense: Cheers! :)


The links to some packages above give 404 error. Does that mean they're only available through cvs?

at 2004-11-08

No, I just had the wrong URLs. PEAR_Error & _ErrorStack are both available in the base PEAR package. I changed the links to either point there or to CVS.

Toby at 2004-11-08