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PHP Conference in front of the door

On upcoming Sunday (the 7th of November) the International Conference 2004 in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) begins with it's pre-conference part, the power workshops. I hope, that Lukas and my workshop does not get "rasmused" by one of the other interessting ones on Sunday:

  • Marcus Börger and Sterling Hughes will talk about "The need for speed" (what is propably a talk, which could make it)

  • Christopher Kunz and Peter Prochaska will reflect "Security issues in PHP4 and 5" (this talk is in German language)

Lukas and myself will give an introduction into PEAR, from using the installer over some very interessting packages in reallife to creating own packages. Like in Amsterdam we will develop a little example application during the workshop, to present cool stuff from PEAR. Beside many XML packages we'll show MDB2 and LiveUser, as well as QuickForm many other little usefull tools.


Monday is the second workshop day, with some more cool sessions:

  • Björn Schotte speaks about PHP in huge projects (this talks is in German language)

  • Georg Richter and Zak Greant share their knowledge about "The next generation: PHP5 and MySQL 4.1/5.0"

  • Arjen Lentz shows how to "Optimising MySQL"

The real conference will start on Thuesday and last until Wendsday. There are also some talks which might be pretty interessting, so I will list some up here:

  • "Session Server - Maintaining State between several servers" by Stephan Schmidt

  • "PHP for your Business" by David Costa

  • "New trends in Web-Hacking" (German) by Christian Wenz, Tobias Hauser

  • "Building Truly Portable Database Applications" by Daniel Convissor

  • "Functional Programming with SPL Iterators" by Marcus Börger

  • "Writing parallel applications with PHP" by Andrey Hristov

  • "Building Web clients using XUL and SOAP (Part I)" by Dr. Volker Göbbels

Of course there are many other interessting talks, which would blast this blog entry. So you might wanna have a look at them all here.

I'm very much looking forward to this event, cause there are really many PEAR people available at the conf, this time. As there are (in no special order):


(If I forgot anyone, please forgive me and send me an email!)

Sounds like a pretty funny event for me, also in respect to the famouse social evenings thay organize and the cool location.


That is a VERY tough choice! They should stream video feeds of both sessions, for those of us who are used to multi-tasking :)

Aaron Wormus at 2004-11-04

Turns out, Pierre is here, too... might not be bad to add him :)

Klaus at 2004-11-08