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Absolute Giganten

Yesterday I watched the movie "Absolute Giganten", which Thies recommended to me. He adores this movie and told me pretty cool stuff on it on Linuxtag. Also I'm not so crazy about it as he is, I must admit, it's really worth watching.

"Absolute Giganten" is a production of "Sebastian Schipper", who's indeed not very famouse, but, afais, a very skilled director. The story of the movie plays in Hamburg (famouse port town in Germany), the man actors a 3 young guys who are best friend since a couple of years. One of these (Floyd) finishes his two-year probation and decides for himself to go shipping out to Singapore and South Africa.

The main stream of the movie shows the 3 juneviles at their last night, which is really turbulent, funny in a way and sometimes really melancolic. The film as a great title music (also it's pretty slow, melancolic and sometimes strange) and some nice camera effects.

A really interessting movie, I will definitly watch it again sometime and see to get the soundtrack, if possible. Thanks Thies for the great recommendation!